Frequently asked questions

Does the DEFENDER garage door remote work with my existing garage door opener?

The DEFENDER garage door remote requires our starter kit to use with your existing garage door opener. The DEFENDER Receiver that comes with our Starter Kit installs easily and works in conjuction with your garage door opener, allowing our DEFENDER remote to communicate with your garage door opener Please see our install set up and support videos

How many DEFENDER garage door remotes can I program with one Receiver? I only have one gagarage door opener.

Once you have set up our Receiver with your existing garage door opener you can program up to 10 indivual remotes per Receiver. You may like to use your additional remotes for other family memebers or a neighbor watching your house while away on holidays.

Do I need to use the same code for each additional DEFENDER remote?

Yes!!! Each remote requires the same code if it is linked to that particular DEFENDER Receiver. If you have 2 garage door openers, and choose to use 2 seperate DEFENDER Receivers(one for each garage door), then you can set up different codes for each DEFENDER Receiver, and enter different codes into the same DEFENDER remote to operate different garage doors, each with their own code Each DEFENDER remote can be set up to operate multiple garage doors as well, even at other locations like the cottage, so long as it's Sinced with an additional DEFENDER receiver at that location

How do I use my New DEFENDER garage door remote?

How do I Sinc my New DEFENDER garage door remote to my DEFENDER Receiver?

How do I Install my DEFENDER Receiver?

How do I Program my own Code?

How do I OPEN 1 garage door at a time?

How do I OPEN 2 garage doors at the same time?

How do I OPEN 3 garage doors at the same time?

How do I Re-Set and CLEAR my DEFENDER Receiver



Our DEFENDER remote was designed when it was discovered by law enforcement that many break and enters were and still occur by way of stolen garage door remotes.


With safety and security in mind our updated technology, of the most used item besides a house key, was created. 

The DEFENDER name was chosen and the code activation came about to give a more secure way of opening and closing your garage door.

We hope you will find our remote a secure addition to your garage door opener.



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